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Josh Zitomer’s


Josh Zitomer and his company, PhysicalFix faced a couple of challenges.

First, Josh himself is an accomplished personal trainer and ultra-athlete, having completed quintuple-Ironmans, Spartan Death Races, and holding a world record for the most amount of burpees in 12 hours (4,700!). He's also trained celebs such as Alicia Keys and Tiffani Thiesen. Despite all his achievements, Josh was virtually unknown.

Second, his company, PhysicalFix, lacked relevance and visual continuity. It had been created mainly as an online training program which had been defunct for a number of years by the time we met. In short, neither had any semblance of a cohesive brand.

In addition, one of the hurdles personal trainers have faced is the misconception that they lack intelligence. Josh wanted to make sure his brand would overcome this. He himself holds a degree and several certifications that clearly establish him as a highly educated and qualified expert in his field. And because he has put his own body through rigorous testing, he adds personal experience as well.


We kicked off the branding process with a breakthrough session called the "Beast Within". It's an intense two-hour interview to get right to the heart of what makes Josh who he is, and ultimately, his brand. The results of this session yielded insights into the following:
• Vision, which is what Josh sees for the fitness industry and his place in it.
• Mission, which is what he is determined to do with his knowledge, skill and experience.
• Ideal Client
• Competition, both direct and indirect
• Keywords that sum up his brand

Added to this "Brand Reveal" is research into the personal training industry which told us how to better position Josh so that his new brand stands out.

After going through a naming session, it turned out Josh was on the right track with the name he already had.

The logo stage was next. Having done the breakthrough session and research set a solid foundation for a few excellent logo designs. Showing three exceptional designs right out of the gate fueled the process forward.

While Josh was living the logo designs, we went right into the wireframe, or structure, for the website. Getting the structure in place first is key to creating a smooth site design process.

With the log and wireframe finalized, we quickly got to work on formulating the "stylescapes", which illustrate three different design feels. Though it could vary from client to client, PhysicalFix had three potential directions: "Happiness", "Hard-working", and "Intelligent". Choosing colors, typefaces and images that adhere to a certain feel, the stylescapes represent what the design of the website will look like. These directions each represented an aspect of his brand. The key was to create a primary design that blended the other two in a perfect balance in order to best project his true brand.  


Having a great process in place ensures that our clients will receive the best possible result for their new brand. Our Beast Brand process didn't disappoint.

Josh Zitomer's PhysicalFix has emerged as a brand that is friendly, intelligent, and is dedicated to those serious about improving their fitness level, all while amplifying its own uniqueness. We applied a methodology the brand can own via the "APLE Method"; a proprietary process exclusive to PhysicalFix.

In order to round out the brand's strategy, we outfitted the website with tactical marketing mechanisms designed to generate leads using free high-value offerings that will build his email database.

From the strategy to the design to the marketing, PhysicalFix has emerged as a strong brand that will truly make all their competition irrelevant!

We had a blast building a brand for Josh Zitomer and PhysicalFix.
He has a strong brand today not because we're a bunch of geniuses, but because we have a proven process that yields a successful result.
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