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How To Level Up Your Brand In 2019

Here we go again. Fried Poppers. Bud Light. Midnight kisses.… and resolutions. Keep the first three, but that last one… kick it.

Resolutions are things drunk people say when the clock strikes midnight as they look back on their prior year’s regrets.

Topping the list of resolutions spoken, and broken:

• Get in shape

• Make more money

Let’s get the first one out of the way real quick. Now, I’m no Ronnie Coleman or Rich Froning, but I’ve learned enough about fitness to get decent results. Here’s how to do it:

Eat sensibly. Exercise regularly.

Got it? That’s it. No magic pill. No cool new diet. It’s just plain work.

Okay, moving on.

The second one, money, is a little trickier. It’s not simply, “Start the business, rake in the cash.” There’s a few more, actually, dozens more steps to get your business in the black before Entrepreneur puts you on their cover.

Let’s assume for a minute that you know your business. You’ve got a process and you’re getting respectable sales. But this past year you’ve plateaued. Stuck in a place where you’re not nosediving, but you’re not exactly lighting Cubans with wadded up Ben Franklins.

A good business can become a great business with the help of some serious branding.

Here’s a quick education on what branding isn’t: branding is not a logo. It is not a website. It is not a catchy name. It is all of these along with messaging and a strategy to implement them.

Branding has been defined as the “art of differentiation”. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s how you make your audience feel.

Got it?


Now, the beauty of branding is that it can take a well-run, profitable business, and raise it to a whole new level. The trick is to discover the essence of your brand. A brand is not something bestowed on you by some clever agency. It’s already inside you, waiting to be coaxed out and amplified to the world. And a savvy branding company can help you do just that.

It will take a couple of things on your part though. It’s going to take some fearlessness, a bit of attitude, and the willingness to get out of your comfort zone.

While these characteristics may make you squirm a little, understand that they are necessary in creating a memorable, unique brand. You want to be a beast in business, with a beast brand to go along with it.

A Beast Brand is "a brand that is fearless and unapologetic in stating what it stands for a what it will not tolerate in its industry, boldly separating itself from bland brands.”

You don’t have to be overly aggressive, or jerky in your messaging. You only need to display an attitude that blatantly shows your audience what makes you different. Say it. Show it. Own it. That’s what it takes to Beast.

Making more money in 2019 is not about making a resolution. It’s about making a revolution in your industry by beasting up and breaking out with a genuine brand that says “all things being equal, customers want to buy from us because…” and state that difference proudly and boldly. That’s how you level up this coming year.

Rob Genovesi is a husband, father and Chief Beast at Unleash My Beast Brand, a branding and design company built specifically to help service-based businesses break away from being bland by coaching them on how to raise their image and their game above the average, same-same businesses in their industry.
Rob speaks regularly on the topics of design and branding, and hosts the “Building Beast Brands” podcast.
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