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You've Got A Logo. Great, Nobody Cares

As a graphic designer and brand strategist I’ll be the first to tell you, “You don’t need a logo.”

Am I nuts?

No doubt about that, but the truth is you most likely do not need a logo if…

• You’re a startup

• Sales are healthy

• You’re growing

Nike the company made the famous swoosh as iconic as it is today, not the other way around.

Apple the company initially had a ridiculously hideous and complicated logo at the same time its revenue quickly soared.

You don’t need a logo to build a great business, you need revenue in the beginning. After revenue is strong then a logo is important to help grow the brand. A logo, along with branding, doesn't need to be on your to-do list unless you were growing and now you’ve hit a slump. That slump could indicate it’s time to get yourself branded.

Now, a logo isn’t branding per se, but rather, an element of a brand. Nevertheless, it’s a good place to start as the logo is the most widely exposed part of a brand. Think about it. Your logo will go on everything from business cards and letterhead to social media to billboards and commercials. It will more than likely be your audience’s first visual exposure to your brand.

Given that exposure, the creation of your logo should be a project that you focus plenty of time and money into. Not something you pay $50 to have generated by some online company with no thoughtful attention to what it conveys. Only an experienced designer should be trusted in making the mark that will become synonymous with your brand.

But again, it’s not going to be the logo that will make or break your brand. It will only serve your business well if it is used in conjunction with a proper branding strategy. This is comprised of a logo, website, messaging and all the brand identity elements to accompany it. A written strategy will be an invaluable guide to creating value and consistency in your industry, breeding trust among your audience. And that trust will turn happy customers into brand ambassadors.

So while nobody really cares about your great logo if it is not backed up by a strategy that will allow it to do its thing, people do care about a company that demonstrates its value in their lives. And that value is at the core of your brand.

Rob Genovesi is a husband, father and Chief Beast at Unleash My Beast Brand, a branding and design company built specifically to help service-based businesses break away from being bland by coaching them on how to raise their image and their game above the average, same-same businesses in their industry.
Rob speaks regularly on the topics of design and branding, and hosts the “Building Beast Brands” podcast.
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